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Nicole Voigt

So, where to start!! I started training with freedom pt cos I was looking for something local, affordable, for all fitness levels and hopefully to meet a few different people! I walked regularly and umpired netball but nothing much more than that. I just wanted something different. I looked up freedom on Facebook, booked my free trial and turned up the next day. I was very nervous and when I turned up there was several new people also. All levels of fitness and all ages. Luke made me feel very welcome and I plodded through the first session. I remember coming home and telling me husband that i wasn’t as fit as I thought I was and I had to go back! After training consistently for around 2 years I have learnt so many things!! Carbs are good!!! We all need to get outside our comfort zone sometimes and most of all we all need ME time. Thanks, Nicole.

Taryn Laverty

'I started training with Freedom PT so that my mum had someone to push her along and ended up loving it myself. I went to heaps of sessions over 2 years and learnt so much. I enjoyed the variety of exercise, and the constant encouragement from Luke to push myself harder. Luke definitely knew if I was slacking off and always told me to push myself, whether that was by increasing the weights or pushing me to get more runs out. I had a very bad relationship with the bike to start with and would constantly remind everyone of it, but in the end, I found it was the one thing I missed the most. The best thing about Freedom PT was the friendships that I created. Luke was always there to lend a helping hand and always listened if I wanted to have a whinge about something, and always took an interest into our latest projects.' Taryn

Brad Swanton

I was at a low point in my life after a long term relationship break-up. I needed to change what I was doing in my life and needed something to make me feel better about myself. I turned to the classes, as a starting point to change my life around. Luke has taught me a lot of lessons along the way. He makes you actually want to exercise for the enjoyment of it, rather than focusing on results. The sooner you know this, the more motivated you become to do more yourself. Even the worse sessions where I felt like I could just throw it all away, Luke helped me realise that even those sessions were beneficial to me. Good or bad, it was all better than doing absolutely nothing. I always felt invigorated after a session, and was looking forward to the next one. If I couldn’t make it to a session, I actually started to miss it. It is part of my routine and it has made me feel better about myself and improve my work and home life. Luke is a friendly, honest and reliable trainer, but he will now be a life long friend. I have been seeing Luke for 3 years and I don’t look back and regret any of it. I thank Luke whole heartedly for where I am now, I would not be here without him. Brad

Kristy Lee Gray

I first started out at Freedom Personal Training a few years ago, and like many others I hated exercising! I did PT sessions with Luke and eventually started enjoying and looking forward to my workouts, they made me feel good about myself and Luke is great entertainment! I had been out of action for a while after having my first baby and was keen to get back into it, unfortunately with the cost of a newborn I couldn't afford one on one sessions. Group training was my only option. Just the thought of this scared me especially now with all the baby weight to still lose! Training in front of others wasn't my thing at all! But I went because I needed to get fit and healthy again and, not to mention get out of the house - I LOVE it! I will never look back. Just from doing 3 I.C.E sessions a week I have already lost 4kgs in 8 weeks and plan to get to my goal weight after the next 12 week challenge. Group training pushes me to work better and harder than I ever have before and everyone is so friendly! It isn't a huge group (unlike at some gyms where there's 30 people in there and I can't even bring myself to walk in the room) which I really like and every session is different. I highly recommend Luke and Freedom PT to anyone thinking of getting fit and healthy or maintaining it, especially to any new mums who may feel they don't have time for exercise. Half hour sessions are great and there's all sorts of times that could work, I've even taken my daughter along a few times! Thanks for motivating us Luke and for just generally being awesome! Kristy Lee Gray

Terry Lace

WOW ...Big thank you to the Trainers at Freedom Personal Training for helping me go from 89kg to 70 kg. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen. Loosing the weight was never my goal, I just wanted to get a lot fitter than I was. Well I’m fit and I’ve dropped KG,s . Thanks Luke/Jess for another great 8 week challenge. You guys push me to places I sometimes don’t want to go, but with the results I’ve achieved, I couldn’t be happier Thankyou....Thankyou ...Thankyou! - Terry Lace


“In my fist session, I was nervous, I wasn’t sure that I had the fitness to start with to keep up with a group training session, however Luke made me feel welcome and helped me really enjoy that first session. Over the last 2 years, I have learned how to push my body far further than I ever knew possible. It has enhanced my running fitness and confidence in what I know I can achieve. Since starting at Freedom I have progressed from around 4 km running to now be able to run over 15km and dropped 1 min per km off my average run time. They have always been happy to modify anything I’ve needed to compensate for a significant longstanding back condition so that I have trained injury free.” Elicia


“I've been going to Freedom PT for over 2 years now & I love it. The PTs are amazing & know there stuff very well. They do all they can to support you & help you achieve your goals. Its such a friendly community environment at Freedom PT. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.” - Emma

Ali Kooloos

‘Knowledge, friendship and encouragement is what I have gained from Luke. To watch him train a group of people, some fit and some not, he knows how far to take each individual physically in a group class, he knows when to stop pushing too. He is kind and professional, light-hearted and a good listener. Being a mum, it is a fantastic bonus that my daughter can come with me to Luke’s studio. It’s great that he can develop a rapport with an adult as well as a 3 year old. Thanks Luke’

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